9th December, Microsoft released their open-source blogging platform/CMS  with a name OXITE. 

After going through their weblog and screenshots, it seems like Microsoft has finally provided something with simplicity. The source code for the software is available under the Microsoft Public License.

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FileRide is a social networking tool with a completely different approach.  Its a kind of social desktop where you can globally expose your multimedia files, documents, links  with the people of same interests.
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I see a lot of confusion around me when we are talking about web 2.0, its more of kinda buzzword for industry, clients & sometime even designers. As a web designer, i tried to explore a little more in WEB 2.0 as my first post.

This term was first originally coined by O’Reilly Media in 2004. Stephen Fry (actor, author, and broadcaster) defines Web 2.0 as

“an idea in people’s heads rather than a reality. It’s actually an idea that the reciprocity between the user and the provider is what’s emphasized. In other words, genuine interactivity, if you like, simply because people can upload as well as download”. Read the rest of this entry »