Random Doodle !

December 20, 2008


Last night i was suppose to prepare my portfolio and CV for some “placements” happening in my institute and i was  wasting my time in this…. Read the rest of this entry »


Smiling Type{faces}

December 3, 2008


We all are pretty conversant with the typical smile emoticons we use on web, but from years and years we are watching them only in the restricted web fonts like Verdana, Georgia and so on. 

So i just did a small experiment to find out how other type “faces” smile, and some of them are really interesting !!

Have a look…

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FonStruct is a free online tool to create, download and share free fonts. Its been developed by FontShop, one of the leading font retailers.  FontStruct gives you a grid and basic geometrical shapes to start on, quickly use them as tiles and construct your fonts.

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Blackletter type

September 3, 2008

It’s very interesting that now we have better resources, technologies and we are moving to simplicity, earlier when there was lot of restrictions and lack of technology, human created great complex structures and designs. The intricacy and boldness of Blackletter scripts which was used throughout Western Europe from approximately 1150 to 1500 always fascinates me in that way.  

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The TUTS family

July 22, 2008

There is a thousands of tutorial sites popping up regulary on web, but there are only few which actually makes a mark and provide some meaningful tutorials and resources. 
The Tuts family is one of them.  


Main topic of site is PSD (photoshop), but you will also find some great articles about design trends & inspirations.

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Signboard Redesign

July 21, 2008


There is a big problem in being in designer; you can’t roam around freely avoiding things as one in the image below.

It’s a signboard hanging on this wall from a long time and it regularly directs me & everyone who enters my university campus.
So, how is it?
Good type selection, good contrast, nice & costly vinyl print, what else someone wants from a signboard !
But does it perform the task it is assigned for?
Providing me directions…I think no!
Let’s figure out why & what’s the solution for it?
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