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September 17, 2008

Not so much of web work to do these days, so i just tried to make myself busy in polishing of some old sketches. These two guys called “Montu” (left) and “Babloo” (right) were sketched during one of my CSS coding classes last year. Those after breakfast monday morning classes didn’t helped me so much to blast in the industry but these guys are still a great stress-buster in free time.


As a part of National Mission of Education through ICT (information & communication technology), Indian government is working on a low cost laptop for education purpose. According to information available on web it’s going to cost around 100US dollars, i.e. around 4500 Indian Rupees.

The Indian Institute Science Bangalore & Indian Institute of Technology Chennai has taken responsibility for research and development for this project.

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FonStruct is a free online tool to create, download and share free fonts. Its been developed by FontShop, one of the leading font retailers.  FontStruct gives you a grid and basic geometrical shapes to start on, quickly use them as tiles and construct your fonts.

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September wallpaper. Inspired from adobe CS3 packaging, available in HD and regular resolution.

1280 x 960     1680 x 1050

Find this in my deviantART gallery.

Arkin Comics

September 7, 2008

Arkin Comics is a recently started Indian comic company and they have started with their two unique concepts. First, they are launching India’s first 3D comic series and secondly they are providing customs comic books, where you can see yourself as a character and you can select your own story too. 
Thanks to Rohan Kapadia, the Arkin Comic’s CEO, for giving me the responsibility of their branding, website and T-shirt graphics.
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Chrome – the Google Browser

September 4, 2008

Every time Google does something, it becomes best of the web, they did search, maps, ads and now Google has introduced their free browser called “Chrome”. It’s being promoted as a sleeker, faster, safer and reliable alternative, but for now its little hard to decide what effect it will do on Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla and others.

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Blackletter type

September 3, 2008

It’s very interesting that now we have better resources, technologies and we are moving to simplicity, earlier when there was lot of restrictions and lack of technology, human created great complex structures and designs. The intricacy and boldness of Blackletter scripts which was used throughout Western Europe from approximately 1150 to 1500 always fascinates me in that way.  

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