Wordquotient is a professional content writing firm with a mission to transform individuals and organizations by providing quality English writing to a global audience.

While Bangalore is home to Word Quotient, they prefer a virtual existence and each team member works from the comfort of their homes and computers.
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Random Doodle !

December 20, 2008


Last night i was suppose to prepare my portfolio and CV for some “placements” happening in my institute and i was  wasting my time in this…. Read the rest of this entry »

Smiling Type{faces}

December 3, 2008


We all are pretty conversant with the typical smile emoticons we use on web, but from years and years we are watching them only in the restricted web fonts like Verdana, Georgia and so on. 

So i just did a small experiment to find out how other type “faces” smile, and some of them are really interesting !!

Have a look…

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Hover.in – Site Design

November 13, 2008


Hover.in is an in-text “customized content” and “customized ad” delivery platform for web sites and blogs. It enables web publishers to link and monetize keywords/ phrases with-in their existing content.

Few weeks back i came in touch with the C.E.O – Arun Prabhudesai, and got the responsibility for hover.in website redesign, admin panel ( dashboard design ) and the look and feel of linking window ( Hoverlet ).

I am uploading some of the project pictures here..have a look.
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back-page doodles

September 17, 2008

Not so much of web work to do these days, so i just tried to make myself busy in polishing of some old sketches. These two guys called “Montu” (left) and “Babloo” (right) were sketched during one of my CSS coding classes last year. Those after breakfast monday morning classes didn’t helped me so much to blast in the industry but these guys are still a great stress-buster in free time.

September wallpaper. Inspired from adobe CS3 packaging, available in HD and regular resolution.

1280 x 960     1680 x 1050

Find this in my deviantART gallery.

Arkin Comics

September 7, 2008

Arkin Comics is a recently started Indian comic company and they have started with their two unique concepts. First, they are launching India’s first 3D comic series and secondly they are providing customs comic books, where you can see yourself as a character and you can select your own story too. 
Thanks to Rohan Kapadia, the Arkin Comic’s CEO, for giving me the responsibility of their branding, website and T-shirt graphics.
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