9th December, Microsoft released their open-source blogging platform/CMS  with a name OXITE. 

After going through their weblog and screenshots, it seems like Microsoft has finally provided something with simplicity. The source code for the software is available under the Microsoft Public License.

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FileRide is a social networking tool with a completely different approach.  Its a kind of social desktop where you can globally expose your multimedia files, documents, links  with the people of same interests.
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We always have a mind-set of not using comic-sans and it seems to be worst when it comes to web. Go have a look at the thebackofthenapkin webpage designed by OHmedia, it will definitely make you think for a while.
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FonStruct is a free online tool to create, download and share free fonts. Its been developed by FontShop, one of the leading font retailers.  FontStruct gives you a grid and basic geometrical shapes to start on, quickly use them as tiles and construct your fonts.

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Chrome – the Google Browser

September 4, 2008

Every time Google does something, it becomes best of the web, they did search, maps, ads and now Google has introduced their free browser called “Chrome”. It’s being promoted as a sleeker, faster, safer and reliable alternative, but for now its little hard to decide what effect it will do on Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla and others.

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Yesterday, I was trying to peek into my Inbox before signing off for the day, suddenly some strange sounds of vrooming cars started coming out of my desktop speakers, I checked my media player…nothing wrong, I checked my system sounds…totally OK, then what was it ?

Later on, I figured out that it was from an automobile’s WEB AD playing in one of the popup browser windows. I felt like being cheated and fooled, but what all I can do is nothing but to close the popup and the related website immediately.

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Newmap is a great example of using typography as interface. It visually represents Goggle News aggregator in a flash based application with beautiful typography & color codings. Newsmap does not pretend to replace the googlenews aggregator. Its objective is to simply demonstrate visually the relationships between data and the unseen patterns in news media. Read the rest of this entry »