9th December, Microsoft released their open-source blogging platform/CMS  with a name OXITE. 

After going through their weblog and screenshots, it seems like Microsoft has finally provided something with simplicity. The source code for the software is available under the Microsoft Public License.

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FileRide is a social networking tool with a completely different approach.  Its a kind of social desktop where you can globally expose your multimedia files, documents, links  with the people of same interests.
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e-DONOR (e-do-ner, – nor) n.
One that donate , contributes their electronic waste to a higher good.
One that curbs needless electronic energy consumption.
One that beliefs and serves the afterlife of their technology

E-Donor is an initiative by HP and MTV to create awareness about electronic waste and its consequences. The site has a lot of interesting videos, facts to convey the message of e-CYCLING.
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Tending to be Digital

October 12, 2008

Now, when all the devices around us are shouting to be digital, automated and look high-tech, this weighing machine in image above also doesn’t want to remain like a regular LED display device. But this time the approach is really different and pretty interesting too.

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I don’t have any plans (and cash) to buy a new multimedia 3G enabled phone, but these days I am just trying to understand the whole 3G stock in market. Recently while browsing through Google, I landed up at Benq website and found their new device called BENQ S6. After reading its specifications it sounds almost like a desktop machine.

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