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e-DONOR (e-do-ner, – nor) n.
One that donate , contributes their electronic waste to a higher good.
One that curbs needless electronic energy consumption.
One that beliefs and serves the afterlife of their technology

E-Donor is an initiative by HP and MTV to create awareness about electronic waste and its consequences. The site has a lot of interesting videos, facts to convey the message of e-CYCLING.
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Happy Diwali Everyone !!

October 27, 2008

So, finally i got some reason to go away from web and work and in that going-away process i have moved to Bhraptpur Junction ( my hometown ) these days for a great diwali vacation.

Because of all this festive mood in my head, posts will be off for a week or two. For now i have just uploaded a diwali wallpaper, click here to download-you might like it.

Tending to be Digital

October 12, 2008

Now, when all the devices around us are shouting to be digital, automated and look high-tech, this weighing machine in image above also doesn’t want to remain like a regular LED display device. But this time the approach is really different and pretty interesting too.

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back-page doodles

September 17, 2008

Not so much of web work to do these days, so i just tried to make myself busy in polishing of some old sketches. These two guys called “Montu” (left) and “Babloo” (right) were sketched during one of my CSS coding classes last year. Those after breakfast monday morning classes didn’t helped me so much to blast in the industry but these guys are still a great stress-buster in free time.

Music has always been a great stress-buster and source of inspiration. Just take a break, listen to some words, watch some videos and we find ourselves more efficient.

Recently, i saw the video of Remind Me by Royksopp, and from that time i am just watching it again and again, its a simple scenario of a regular person’s day but that 4 minute clip is like a great information graphic in itself and has a great message too.


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Many times we come across with very smart products & solutions from non-designer people, some of them are very unconventional & interesting, and in India we call these solutions Jugaad.

The concept of Jugaad is quite similar to “Do it yourself”, where people creates or repairs things for themselves without the aid of paid professionals, but the term Jugaad is originally derived from a motor vehicle found in out-skirts of Delhi and other suburbs in North India.

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