Smiling Type{faces}

December 3, 2008


We all are pretty conversant with the typical smile emoticons we use on web, but from years and years we are watching them only in the restricted web fonts like Verdana, Georgia and so on. 

So i just did a small experiment to find out how other type “faces” smile, and some of them are really interesting !!

Have a look…

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em unit and CSS

October 2, 2008

Till now, i was using pixel as a type measurement unit for WebPages. Recently I gone through some web typography articles and now I am planning to move on to “em”. Just trying to explore it more and do conformations with this post.

EM is a relative unit rather than absolute, hence it can’t be defined for a specific typeface, its same for all fonts at a given point size. So, if user is using 12 point for running text as its default browser font-size, 1em is equal to 12 pt, 2em (may be for headlines) will be 24 and so on.
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September wallpaper. Inspired from adobe CS3 packaging, available in HD and regular resolution.

1280 x 960     1680 x 1050

Find this in my deviantART gallery.

Blackletter type

September 3, 2008

It’s very interesting that now we have better resources, technologies and we are moving to simplicity, earlier when there was lot of restrictions and lack of technology, human created great complex structures and designs. The intricacy and boldness of Blackletter scripts which was used throughout Western Europe from approximately 1150 to 1500 always fascinates me in that way.  

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Downloadable icon Pack for machines  with windows OS, goes best with vista or another gray/black visual style. Read the rest of this entry »

Music has always been a great stress-buster and source of inspiration. Just take a break, listen to some words, watch some videos and we find ourselves more efficient.

Recently, i saw the video of Remind Me by Royksopp, and from that time i am just watching it again and again, its a simple scenario of a regular person’s day but that 4 minute clip is like a great information graphic in itself and has a great message too.


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Monospaced fonts

July 26, 2008


Most of the time we talk about serif, sans serif fonts, there is one more type which is quite important and widely used in digital interfaces & web.

Monospaced fonts.
Monospaced fonts are fixed width typefaces with all the glyphs of same width.  Also identified as fixed-pitch. These typefaces became popular or might be invented because of typewriter. Read the rest of this entry »