www.WordQuotient.com – website redesign

January 4, 2009


Wordquotient is a professional content writing firm with a mission to transform individuals and organizations by providing quality English writing to a global audience.

While Bangalore is home to Word Quotient, they prefer a virtual existence and each team member works from the comfort of their homes and computers.
They have a dedicated team that is spread across the world from Bangalore to Paris, Vancouver, London and North East India.

Few months back I got this opportunity to work on their website redesign project.
Initially I went with paper textures and various experimental designs, but finally ended up with a minimalistic approach using grids, white space, typographic details and semi-realistic illustrations to maintain the visual interest.


click on the image above to view a full size screen-shot or just follow this link to watch the site live.


4 Responses to “www.WordQuotient.com – website redesign”

  1. drinkdesign Says:

    The website looks really nice. Simple and organized.
    And it loads really fast too. You can send this for competitions, this has serious chances.
    Definitely a portfolio piece.

  2. Nitin Garg Says:

    Ya, this time i really wanted to go for a minimal thing & i think according to context it was required too.

    I will be submitting this for web-showcases like CSSmania and all. Let see.

  3. Prax-08 Says:

    Seriously Elegant
    Hey dude the no:of posts you make are degrading please keep up. We need more stuff from you. Or is there any important projects @ hand?

  4. Nitin Garg Says:

    Thanks Prax.
    Actually i am working on a dedicated server blog now, will be up soon with a lot of new content 🙂

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