Web Stencil Kit by DesignCommisson

December 24, 2008


DesignCommisson has designed this website/app stencil with all the basic elements required to draft wireframes for interface designs.

The whole thing comes as a ” Web Stencil Kit ” comprising the stencil, browser sketchpads with grid and a mechanical pencil for ” hard to reach” places.
All this will sure help while working on paper prototypes for complex projects.

In my personal perception…
Good thing : Quick drawings, consistency in wireframes by repetative usage of a set of shapes.
Not so Good thing : As its a physical set of standards, so no scalibilty.  Someone might feel restrictive when he wants to scale his elements for different screens.
But whatever it is …i want one 🙂

At present, its not available for sale as such ( so no idea about price ) but if you are intrested you can contact them here and they will get back to you once they start selling it online.

Image & Info : DesignCommison


2 Responses to “Web Stencil Kit by DesignCommisson”

  1. Juhi Says:

    Cool! Gotta have that!

  2. Nitin Garg Says:

    Yes, it is pretty cool… i am waiting for the price release.

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