FileRide – Share interests with a social desktop.

December 1, 2008

FileRide is a social networking tool with a completely different approach.  Its a kind of social desktop where you can globally expose your multimedia files, documents, links  with the people of same interests.
As you drag files, links or YouTube videos into FileRide, your social network is expanded with people sharing your interests.

FileRide let you see who all on the network have the same file ( for e.g a song ) on their machines, and then allows you to comment and even live chat about those files. Accordingly to creators, their goal is to help like-minded people connect and promote democracy through universal access to media related forums. 

All this without exposing any of your document contents or private information outside the realm of your own computer. 

And ya ! its not a file-share agent, so cant transfer your files. Its just to share the interests based on common files. 

FileRide’s client software currently only works on XP and Vista, but OS X and mobile versions are already in development.

visit their official web for more information


2 Responses to “FileRide – Share interests with a social desktop.”

  1. Prax-08 Says:

    Great Find. Let me check it out!

  2. Klokie Says:

    Hi Nitin, thanks a lot for the mention.

    I wanted to let you know that we’ve just released a Mac client for FileRide. It’s available for free from Just enter the limited-time code “cristal” to download and get started today!

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