e-DONOR – a campaign to encourage e-cycling.

November 23, 2008


e-DONOR (e-do-ner, – nor) n.
One that donate , contributes their electronic waste to a higher good.
One that curbs needless electronic energy consumption.
One that beliefs and serves the afterlife of their technology

E-Donor is an initiative by HP and MTV to create awareness about electronic waste and its consequences. The site has a lot of interesting videos, facts to convey the message of e-CYCLING.
Once you are done with grabbing the info and if you think it makes sense, go ahead and take an e-DONOR pledge.
Here are some of the statements.


For now HP as a goal of e-cycling to reach two billion pound of e-waste by 2010. The site also has a little brand promotion part too, but it’s OK as it’s done to support to a right cause.

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