Who says you should not use comic sans ?

October 17, 2008



We always have a mind-set of not using comic-sans and it seems to be worst when it comes to web. Go have a look at the thebackofthenapkin webpage designed by OHmedia, it will definitely make you think for a while.

The site has a pretty rough, hand-drawn feel with lot of doodles, handwritten text and comics-sans which seems to be working even for the body text. I wont say that its the best practice to do this but its a really brave act to use comics-sans and still make it readable and not kiddish. 


4 Responses to “Who says you should not use comic sans ?”

  1. Kelkyron Says:

    I say any web safe fonts can be used in any site as long as it is well done…just like the site you gave as an example…

  2. Nitin Garg Says:

    Thats true Kelkyron, but this one is a truly unconventional use of a font a like comic-sans. And surprisingly it works quite well !

  3. manushi Says:

    actually it depends on the style YOU want to potray to the veiwer…whether its formal or dooddly and sketchy …every website will have an identity of its own so it always depends…on what will work for that PARTICULAR website….
    ps::nice site this!:)

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