Tending to be Digital

October 12, 2008

Now, when all the devices around us are shouting to be digital, automated and look high-tech, this weighing machine in image above also doesn’t want to remain like a regular LED display device. But this time the approach is really different and pretty interesting too.

As you can see in images, the device is not actually digital, but it tends to be by integrating the regular appearance with a computer application screenshot.

Let’s do a little exaggeration and try to find out details in it.

  1. The manufacturer knew that the machine has to deal with calculations and mathematical digits, he has smartly selected MS Excel as for the taking the screenshot. Putting up Word, Paint or any other random application wouldn’t have made any sense.
  2. A little brand name makes you feel familiar with the machine.
  3. In excel and other office application, office assistant is the element which prompts to do various actions when required. Here the groove for inserting coin (which is the action here) is placed exactly on the position of office assistant’s dialog box.
  4. The speaker graphic clearly shows that manufacturer wanted to give some audio feedback when you insert the coin. It wasn’t possible as it’s still a basic analog device. But good thing is that he had at least thought about it.
  5. The output screen is clearly separated from other elements to prioritize it. That’s very similar to what we also do in our interfaces.

I didn’t get an image to show, but these days you might have seen a similar kind of approach in some low market cell phones. They have monochrome display with a colored plastic sheet in between the backlight and interface screen. In that way, it tries to give an experience of using a color display phone, and I think that’s a very interesting trick.


2 Responses to “Tending to be Digital”

  1. Hamsa Says:

    Amazing find.
    Naive, yet intuitive on the part of the creator.

  2. Prax-08 Says:

    Yep creative manufacturer

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