Indian government giving away educational Laptops in 100 US dollars

September 14, 2008

As a part of National Mission of Education through ICT (information & communication technology), Indian government is working on a low cost laptop for education purpose. According to information available on web it’s going to cost around 100US dollars, i.e. around 4500 Indian Rupees.

The Indian Institute Science Bangalore & Indian Institute of Technology Chennai has taken responsibility for research and development for this project.

After china and United States, India has the largest figure in terms of number of students, but unfortunately is lagging in student-teacher ratio with 26 students for 1 teacher, whereas the global norm is about 15 students per teacher.

For some reasons India didn’t signed up for One Laptop Per Child foundation, this project will help in making these figures better and raise the quality of school and higher education in country.

Apart from laptop, government is also working on providing free or affordable bandwidth for educational purposes. The plan is to build a “knowledge network” between and within the institutions. 

Well, for now thumbs up to indian government for this step and I hope that everything will go well and this project will work to its utmost efficiency.

Further Readings
Press Information Bureau, Government of India.
One Laptop per Child Foundation


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