FontStruct – create and download fonts

September 12, 2008

FonStruct is a free online tool to create, download and share free fonts. Its been developed by FontShop, one of the leading font retailers.  FontStruct gives you a grid and basic geometrical shapes to start on, quickly use them as tiles and construct your fonts.

The interface is flash based and pretty user friendly, you will get a small tool box, geometric shapes and canvas with grid to explore. You can see previews of your fonts and also save them for future editing ( so there is no hurry to finish it up ). 

Once you are done with creating it, hit download and FontStruct will give you your own TrueType font ready to use on any PC and MAC.

So go forward create an account and start off at


5 Responses to “FontStruct – create and download fonts”

  1. jkeys17 Says:

    yeah i got this booked marked but just haven’t used it yet.

  2. Nitin Garg Says:

    go check it out when you get time. Its useful, fun and free too !

  3. Juhi Says:

    Just checked it out…its soo cool! m totally in love!

  4. Nitin Garg Says:

    nice stuff na, i hope they will release it as an off-line application too.

  5. manushi Says:

    its awesome! 🙂 thanks for sharing!! 😀

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