Blackletter type

September 3, 2008

It’s very interesting that now we have better resources, technologies and we are moving to simplicity, earlier when there was lot of restrictions and lack of technology, human created great complex structures and designs. The intricacy and boldness of Blackletter scripts which was used throughout Western Europe from approximately 1150 to 1500 always fascinates me in that way.  

Blackletter type, also known as gothic and old style, is highly ornate and decorative. Usually the capital letters have thin supportive lines and end of letters have stylized strokes, which tries to mimic the earlier handwritten scripts using wide pen. Blackletter is more associated with traditional, conservative and religious content. Because of its intricacy and less readability, Blackletter is not suitable for body copies but extremely useful when it comes to legible headlines. 


Because of its classical values Blackletter can be seen in Newspapers, certificates and other traditional documents.

Blackletter used in album covers.

After many years of its used by Gutenberg, most printers abandoned it for the Roman family styles, but still the beautiful blend of thick and thin strokes in blackletter types are enough to give a classic, retro appeal.


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