JUGAAD – design for requirement

August 3, 2008

Many times we come across with very smart products & solutions from non-designer people, some of them are very unconventional & interesting, and in India we call these solutions Jugaad.

The concept of Jugaad is quite similar to “Do it yourself”, where people creates or repairs things for themselves without the aid of paid professionals, but the term Jugaad is originally derived from a motor vehicle found in out-skirts of Delhi and other suburbs in North India.

The vehicle is manufactured on a very local-level with basic elements and is widely and effectively used as a low cost transportation. Down is a image of typical jugaad you will find in India.

Literally, Jugaad means manipulating things and inventing new alternative methods to achieve desired objectives.

Recently me and one of my friends, Bishav got some interesting pictures which elaborates Jugaad in a better way.


Modification of a traditional stereo cassette player into a dual CD player, the people using it fall under semi literate group and might be more comfortable with it comparatively with modern compact & abstract ones.
Other reason can be the rough usage, as this one surely works longer than modern ones in open conditions.

Modification of a motor-vehicle for the cultural purpose.

A simple addition to a bicycle, but I still didn’t understand the reason behind adding the trash cans in front of bicycle rather than behind.

These were few examples of how Jugaad can solve problems sometimes, but the biggest market influenced by it is electronics & telecommunications. I will try to explore that aspect also in one of my future posts.


3 Responses to “JUGAAD – design for requirement”

  1. abhijit Says:

    good pics and ideas! keep it on 😉

  2. Juhi Says:

    i have always loved the tractor-like typical jugaad…even the grabage-wallah’s cycle is very interesting.

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