Monospaced fonts

July 26, 2008


Most of the time we talk about serif, sans serif fonts, there is one more type which is quite important and widely used in digital interfaces & web.

Monospaced fonts.
Monospaced fonts are fixed width typefaces with all the glyphs of same width.  Also identified as fixed-pitch. These typefaces became popular or might be invented because of typewriter.

Monospaced fonts can be extremely useful when letters need to be aligned vertically, for e.g. computer coding.

Some examples

Usage Example


2 Responses to “Monospaced fonts”

  1. Juhi Says:

    I always used to wonder why there’s this kinda unwritten rule for code to always be put in courier! good to know it actually has a reason.

  2. Nitin Garg Says:

    ya, even i noticed it when i got into into CSS codings, i changed my editor’s font to Arial & it was such a visual pain.

    Monospaceds really performs an important role there.

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