The TUTS family

July 22, 2008

There is a thousands of tutorial sites popping up regulary on web, but there are only few which actually makes a mark and provide some meaningful tutorials and resources. 
The Tuts family is one of them.  


Main topic of site is PSD (photoshop), but you will also find some great articles about design trends & inspirations.

Exclusive site for web guys, most of the time its more about development but they also have some good articles for the designers who are in learning process of their development stage.  

A site with brilliant articles on vector illustration techniques, a must for designers, illustrators and even developers.

The newest memember of this family. Havn’t read and tried so much from this one but i am sure it will be great for mixers, editors and DJs.
So, go forward…try them out .  





2 Responses to “The TUTS family”

  1. karenhonda Says:

    Great post! These sites are really helpful! ^^


  2. Malvika Says:

    Hey Nitin..
    thanks for this imformation..
    was helpful!

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