Wallpaper of the Month – July

July 21, 2008

A blog is of no use until unless it doesnt provide anything for free :), at designjunction you will get icons,patterns,applications resources, wallpapers & wordpress themes too.So, here is our first candidate for the freebie lane, its a wallpaper i created a long back for my desktop, now sharing with you all.

1280 x 960    1280 x 1024    1680 x 1050 ( widescreen )  
you can also find this wallpaper at my deviantART gallery.   



7 Responses to “Wallpaper of the Month – July”

  1. Can you provide more information on this?

  2. Nitin Garg Says:

    hi Kevin, this is just a visual treat for a desktop.

    Can you elaborate a bit more about what kind of information you are looking for ?

  3. ben Says:

    hi matey i have had you dektop for a while now and i am trying some new cube dektop thing could i hassle you for a higher reslotuion pic same aspect about 25% bigger on both dimenision thanks matey email it to me plase thanks evodesigns@msn.com

  4. ben Says:

    sorry i was not very clear please may i have one in 1920*1080 and one 2400*1350 thanks you

  5. Nitin Garg Says:

    hy Ben, actually i haven’t done it completely on a vector application. So, now its a little hard to make it high reso.

    But now, i have you mail-id. so whenever i will be putting a high reso one (that will be soon ) you will get the download notification. Thanks for visit.

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