Signboard Redesign

July 21, 2008


There is a big problem in being in designer; you can’t roam around freely avoiding things as one in the image below.

It’s a signboard hanging on this wall from a long time and it regularly directs me & everyone who enters my university campus.
So, how is it?
Good type selection, good contrast, nice & costly vinyl print, what else someone wants from a signboard !
But does it perform the task it is assigned for?
Providing me directions…I think no!
Let’s figure out why & what’s the solution for it?
First of all, the designer of this signboard has beautifully shattered the directional property of an arrow shape by putting it in a box/square, treating it as negative space is an extra add-on to it.
Back to Basics.
So, when the purpose is indicate a direction, putting an arrow in a sqaure is a big NO.
Second thing, when placed vertically in a row, squares forms a group and creates an unwanted vertical relationship, so now the first thing we will do is to remove the squares and put the arrows on right places.
That’s better, but there is still some visual relationship between elements vertically. To alter that, we will introduce a horizontal line between two entities; this will create groupings in text & arrow horizontally and make it communicate better.

See how much difference a line makes.

Now the final thing: Visibility
Is that arrow shape is the perfect selection for this job, or it can be better. I think the size and thickness of the directional part and tail in this arrow is not appropriate, that will create trouble while viewing from a distance and sometimes ( for e.g. while watching it from prespective) it might not be reconizable easily.

Lets tryout the new arrow in our design.

The new arrow sure works better than previous one and does a better (visual) communication.

So, making better designs is not that tough…right !
We just need to know what to add, what to remove & when to stop.


11 Responses to “Signboard Redesign”

  1. Juhi Says:

    Those are really useful tips. And the final result is very effective!

  2. Neeraj Says:

    hey nice.I actually learnt from this.Actually adding the horizontal lines has made all the difference.

  3. karenhonda Says:

    Much better! hehhe ^^

  4. Nitin Garg Says:

    Thanks all of you for visit and taking time for commenting.

  5. Tinjo Thomas Says:

    Hi nitin your idea was good. I am working on same field. sign board design

  6. Nitin Garg Says:

    @Tinjo : I will be glad if this post has created any value for you, do mail me if you need any inputs.

    I will also learn from that.

  7. manushi Says:

    very simply explained….:)

  8. Ed Says:

    Very nice post!
    If it was up to my i would have made only two arrows: left and right, one line in the middle separating the two groups with corresponding destinations.
    like such.


  9. Nitin Garg Says:

    Thanks Ed !

    And ya, what have you have said can be an another approach to it. But i think that will work much more efficiently in case of too many labels.

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  11. Cespur Says:

    Haha, I really enjoyed reading this one!

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