Web 2.0 design trends

July 18, 2008


Apart from usability, functionality & technology upgrade there is one more thing which differentiates Web 2.0 from its previous era – the Visual Trends.

On every new web page with a web 2.0 label you will discover more & more glossy, shiny, colorful, trendy visual styles. One reason behind these visual styles being so famous might be the thousands of design tutorials saying “Web 2.0 buttons, badges, glossy text etc.etc. Well, the reason would be anything; these visual styles are a real visual treat for the user, but only if used with limitations.In this post, i will try to cover up some of the web 2.0 elements we see around us.
1…2…3… steps for task completion.

In 1 2 3 steps, the information is explained in more sophisticated manner and provides instant gratification for user. The user doesn’t see a huge list of requirements; it’s just few steps to complete the task. The only drawback of this system is that it sometimes hides the secondary tasks involved in 1, 2, 3… steps, that might frustrate the user later, but at first they definitely do the job of grabbing user’s attention and communicating the message.
Badges and flowers


Shapes with various round and square corners and modified flowers, they seems to be quite inspired from retro packaging designs.


Tag clouds are easily seen on most of the blogs and If used effectively they can really help out in content presentation, but sometimes they simply doesn’t fit in webpage’s layout ( as their typographic styles and weights changes automatically ) and troubles the usability.
Rounded Corners

Navigation button, input fields, tables and text columns, all the webpage elements are getting more round & playful.
Large input fields

Can’t say the exact reasons behind but the forms are changing, large input fields & login forms are quite common in web 2 sites.


Well, these were the few trends which i tried to cover up, now designers are exploring more with textures, paper, patterns and hand-written effects.





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