Its a set of 10 icons for the PCs and Webdesigns.
Available as PNGs & ICOs

These icons are meant only for personal or non-profit organization use, their commercial use is strictly prohibited. Please give credit and link me when you use them.


Monospaced fonts

July 26, 2008


Most of the time we talk about serif, sans serif fonts, there is one more type which is quite important and widely used in digital interfaces & web.

Monospaced fonts.
Monospaced fonts are fixed width typefaces with all the glyphs of same width.  Also identified as fixed-pitch. These typefaces became popular or might be invented because of typewriter. Read the rest of this entry »

The TUTS family

July 22, 2008

There is a thousands of tutorial sites popping up regulary on web, but there are only few which actually makes a mark and provide some meaningful tutorials and resources. 
The Tuts family is one of them.  


Main topic of site is PSD (photoshop), but you will also find some great articles about design trends & inspirations.

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Signboard Redesign

July 21, 2008


There is a big problem in being in designer; you can’t roam around freely avoiding things as one in the image below.

It’s a signboard hanging on this wall from a long time and it regularly directs me & everyone who enters my university campus.
So, how is it?
Good type selection, good contrast, nice & costly vinyl print, what else someone wants from a signboard !
But does it perform the task it is assigned for?
Providing me directions…I think no!
Let’s figure out why & what’s the solution for it?
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A blog is of no use until unless it doesnt provide anything for free :), at designjunction you will get icons,patterns,applications resources, wallpapers & wordpress themes too.So, here is our first candidate for the freebie lane, its a wallpaper i created a long back for my desktop, now sharing with you all.

1280 x 960    1280 x 1024    1680 x 1050 ( widescreen )  
you can also find this wallpaper at my deviantART gallery.   


Web 2.0 design trends

July 18, 2008


Apart from usability, functionality & technology upgrade there is one more thing which differentiates Web 2.0 from its previous era – the Visual Trends.

On every new web page with a web 2.0 label you will discover more & more glossy, shiny, colorful, trendy visual styles. One reason behind these visual styles being so famous might be the thousands of design tutorials saying “Web 2.0 buttons, badges, glossy text etc.etc. Well, the reason would be anything; these visual styles are a real visual treat for the user, but only if used with limitations.In this post, i will try to cover up some of the web 2.0 elements we see around us. Read the rest of this entry »

July 16, 2008

Lorem ipsum, the standard placeholder text in graphic and typesetting industry. It demonstrates the dummy text, font or layout.

The most common lorem ipsum text reads as follows:

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